Wednesday, March 31

Seven Random Things

Everyone seems to be bitten by the 'tag' virus! Before you attempt finishing one, another one is ready to pounce upon you. The Analyst and Comfy had tagged me to write seven random things about myself. I'm a very boring person and scratched my head a lot to try and make this an interesting read, but alas! I warn you that you might sleep by the time I'm finished, so read at your own risk! :P

Here goes:

1. I had my first crush when I was in Std V. He was a very cute South-Indian boy in Std VI.I met him when we sat together during our exams. He was very nice to me and was also very good at drawing. Soon after that he left our school and I never got to see him again, but the memory remains :) (and I still have a soft corner for dark South-Indian guys :P)
2. I'm a somniloquist (sleep-talker) and sometimes I'm voluble enough to disturb the person sleeping next to me. My parents, my room-mates and now A; all of them can vouch for this. They’ve been scared out of their wits by me, some or the other time.
3. I have a fetish for hands (in guys!). More often than not you'll find me checking out or admiring a boy's hands more than I'd care to look at his face. It might sound abnormal, but that's me! :P
4. I'm a constant worrier. Call it a manufacturing defect. You'll find me exasperated and deflated trying to fix something or find something which might not be of any real importance. Everything needs to be in place. And the moment something goes out of hand, I get worked up.
5. I seem to have a knack of getting right any recipe that I try and am good at inventing few of my own too. My unseen and unheard of combinations and concoctions turn out fabulously, almost always. And luckily for me, A doesn’t mind being the guinea pig for them. In fact he pushes me to try something new, everytime.
6. Whenever I listen to my favourite song I cannot help but hum or sing along, depending on where I am. I tend to remember the lyrics impeccably even if I haven’t heard the song in years. And yes, I hate it when people mix up or add their own imaginative words to them.
7. I hate putting on make-up. I often find myself marveling at the patience, persistence and will of girls who can spend hours in front of the mirror painting their faces everyday. I don’t mind jazzing it up for some occasion, but on a regular day, kajal and a brown or maroon shaded lipstick is all I need.

Hah! Over and out with it! Seven more people who need to endure this torture after me (this is heartening) :  Nu, Chandrika, Rohini, zephyr, Chatterbox, Mihir, Deven

Enjoy!! :)

Monday, March 29

Positivity with a twist

We’ve heard, seen and read about people who have certain positivity about them. Being with or around them makes us feel immensely blessed and comforted. It seems like they have a bag full of happy sand which they sprinkle on everyone who comes across them. We would never imagine such people in the role of a heart-breaker or someone who’d hurt us on purpose, would we?

I did come across one such person. I was in college then, and the person in question here, J, was one of my closest friend’s love interest (refraining using boyfriend since she hated him being called that). He was a happy-go-lucky person and due to his affable and easy-going nature he soon became an integral part of our close-knit group. All of us grew very fond of him, instantly. I’d warned him to make sure he meets me every day ‘se just being with him made me feel immensely pleased about myself.

My friend loved this guy to the core and used to day-dream about their future married life. They were from completely different cultures but she was more than happy to embrace his life and family. Life couldn’t have been more rewarding and we were all very happy for her.

Destiny had different plans, alas! Even in our wildest dreams we could never have imagined what followed. This person, who we thought as God-sent in her life, broke to her one fine day that what had seemed fun at first had become achingly serious and he wasn’t ready to take the plunge yet. Wooing her and pleasing her were amusing, but after getting her he was bored.

She tried convincing him that she was in no hurry to get married and he can think this through, again. But he was adamant. All her wails fell on deaf ears and he walked out of her life, as easily as he’d walked into it.

He might be the most positive person in the world, but what he did hardly seems pardonable. What can he be called then, a positive person with a confused state of positivity?

Sunday, March 28

A GRAND Weekend

‘We’ll come to your place this weekend then. Papa has some work and I hate to be left behind, so I’ll be joining him’. These were my mother’s words when she announced that they’ll be coming on Friday and will be spending the weekend with us. I couldn’t help chuckling all the time while talking to her and even after hanging up. Why? Because I knew that all these were mere reasons to see A Junior! Grandma couldn’t take it that Grandpa (who in turn was cooking up a story himself) would play with their laadla grandson while she’s sitting alone at home watching repeat telecasts of Balika Vadhu. :)

A Junior, in turn, couldn’t be happier with all the attention showered upon him. Last two days he’s been riding high, getting loads of chocolates (which by the way were introduced to him just recently), new toys that he can dissect and pull out open, and lots and lots of hugs and kisses which are best left unnumbered. It’s remarkable (not for me!) how he’s already learnt that it’s his victory when Grandma or Grandpa scold Mamma for being strict about his eating and napping timings!

I never told this to my parents, but seeing all this made me feel a bit jealous, good jealous, if there’s anything like it. I lost both my Grandpas when I was very young. My paternal grandmother never really bothered herself a lot with us. My maternal grandmother was the sweetest and purest human being I’ve ever come across in my life. She was the perfect Grandma; who told us lots of those raja-rani ki kahaniyan, made us our favourite dishes and saved us from our mother’s anger whenever we disrupted her sweet afternoon nap. Even at her age, her skin had a glow that no fairness cream can boast of, and shiny black hair, not one grey. I miss her a lot, and seeing my parents with A Junior I wished I could get a hug from her too. May her soul rest in peace. Love you Ma (that’s what we all called her).

I can now understand why my mother always grumbled when our Grandma took sides with us. It's amusing to see how our own parents change once they get this promotion. Any complaint about A Junior made to my mother falls on deaf ears and I've to eat my own words everytime. As she herself puts it, ' मुद्दल से ब्याज हमेशा प्यारा होता है'  (We crave more for the interest earned than the principal amount itself)! 

(My value seems to be depreciating fast...but I'm not complaining :P )

Wednesday, March 24

About A and A

Here’s one incident, please tell me what to make of this ‘se I don’t know how I should react.

Me and both Papa and son A were taking an evening walk yesterday. Since A Junior is an accident-prone prankster my eyes were glued on him, especially after he twisted and turned in exasperation to release his hand from mine. He was dancing merrily on the road and attracting every passer-by’s attention. No need to point out that my heart swelled with pride and I was smiling away to glory :)

Now, while I was busy ogling at my kid two boys, who appeared in their teens, passed by us. A Junior who was looking and smiling at me suddenly stopped and turned to look at those two till they were out of sight. I was startled and asked A to help me fathom just what happened.

A smirked mischievously and told me that those boys had been staring at me and A Junior was returning them just that, only his stare was ‘cold and hard’(Yeah right!).

Now, wasn’t A supposed to react to this? While he was quiet and nonchalant, A Junior became my ‘protective’ son who at least gave them the ‘stare’! When I complained about this to A, he shrugged it off saying, ‘You’re looking pretty, and they just looked at you, not like they misbehaved or anything. Big Deal!’


Monday, March 22

What are we becoming?

A typical morning in any household probably consists of the delicious aroma of 'adrak ki chai' and everyone at home struggling to have the fresh and crisp newspaper first. Same is the case at our place, but I intend to do away the possibility of such a thing completely. I've started dreading reading the headlines these days...and why..

Last week it was this, and this week it is this! The string of disturbing news refuses to cease and I cannot help but silently pray for my son's well-being everyday. He's still small, but it won't be long before he'll be abreast with some or the other 'situation'. How will he take it? What will I be able to do to save him from such 'jungli' people who're let out in our society in the garb of learned men?

The elders in our family always told us, mornings are the best time of the day, when you're mood and mind is fresh and delightful. I need to differ from them now. I want to break my habit of heading for the newspaper every morning, 'se every other day it carries some or the other crime committed against women or children, which makes me shudder and go hug my son in his sleep.

What kind of people are we turning into? It is said that people who commit crimes are always instigated, provoked or are suffering from some kind of illness. When such crimes happen so frequently, and in any part of the world, does it mean that the level of 'sane' people is seriously dwindling? 

I know running away from the situation or shutting myself off from it completely is not going to serve any purpose. But I'm scared, very scared. What kind of world are our kids going to see when they grow up? We take so many pains to teach them proper mannerisms when some b******s out there can't even be called humans!

I'm sorry for such a digressing and accusing post. Guess it's the paranoid Mom inside me who's reacting very strongly.

Sunday, March 21

I Love You Mom! :)

It is said that God couldn’t be present everywhere so he created a mother. Whoever said this couldn’t have been more correct, don’t we all agree? No matter what age we are in, the love and attention our mothers bestow upon us means the world to us. Now that I find myself in the role of a mother, I find that pampering all the more endearing and can relate with it from both sides :)
After I got married, my Mom, who until then was a complete house-wife, started associating herself with a whole lot of clubs and organizations to keep her busy and get away from the seemingly ‘empty’ home. Until then I was the one who reminded her with a bouquet of flowers and an ‘I Love You Mom’ card that it was Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day and she deserved some special treatment (not that I never got her anything on some other random day)! :)
Today I tasted my own medicine, and it was sweet :) It so happened that my Mom’s out with some of her friends attending some seminar and had a whole agenda worked out, so I chose not to disturb her and didn't get to speak with her properly in last two days. She, however, called me up in the morning today and completely out of the blue wished me ‘Happy Daughter’s day!’ I had a lump in my throat and wished if only I could hug her that time! Today had been just another insignificant day until then and I had no idea about this, she turned it around completely!  Sweet no!! :D
While we’re on mothers, here’s one more from A Junior. Amongst the many things that he’s obsessed with (and which I never understand), one is his own shadow! Many times I’ve seen him dancing around and adorably watching his shadow falling on the ground and walls and moving along-with in the evening sun. Its funny but cute seeing him run after it and trying to catch it :)
He once clicked his own shadow too, check this out!

I hope I get to meet my Mom real soon, 'se I badly need to feel her loving touch and warm hug. Meanwhile, those of you who are lucky enough to be near their Moms, please go tell them you love them and acknowledge what all they do for you. That's all that means and matters to them :)

Thursday, March 18

The Hi-Five Tag!

This tag has been created by yours truly and the questions are all impulsive. I know my friends will have a great time answering them. All the while they'll remember me (if only to curse me) and will endlessly scratch their heads, which is exactly what I want!

It is simple. Answer the following five questions and kindly update it in my comments section once you're done so I can see them. You have to tag 5 more people.

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen
1.Saawariya(Everyone has to agree with this!)
2.Prem (Yeah! I saw this one!)
3.300 (Blood and only blood everywhere...felt like puking)
4.Ramsay brothers' horror movies (As a kid they scared me but now I find them rather foolish)
5.The whole Scary Movie series (Very vulgar and utterly disgusting spoofs on some good movies!)


5 accessories you can create out of food 
1.Rings made out of round-cut green chillies with cloves used as diamonds
2.Bracelets made out of noodles and held together by colourful bell peppers cut in julianne
3.Spring onions used as flowers and spinach as leaves in hair
4.Any type of berries used as a solitaire
5.An ensemble of fruits made up into a hat

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at
1.Any of the Chowpatty's in Mumbai...I have zero tolerance for the stink, dirt and shopwallahs there :(
2.Having my own Swayamvar on TV! (even if I wasn't married!) :P
3.Any Himesh Reshammiya concert...even if I was paid to see it!
4.Singing or dancing on any public platform!
5.Unisex salons (The idea never settles in, just don't know why!)

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

1.My brother ( Its like an instinct) :)
2.My old friends (They're pretty much used to be hit by me :))
3.Our laundry boy ( Just when we're ready to hit the bed he presses our doorbell, many times!!)
4.Our nosy neighbour who thinks her misbehaving kids are very adorable and belongs to the 'know-it-all' category
5.Receptionists/nurses in clinics (they're all made from the same dough,khadoos and very rude)

5 things you’d do to scare anybody

1.Keep giving someone missed calls. When that person calls up don't pick up the phone. Once the initial irritation subsides he's sure to get scared :)
2.Tell my friend who borrowed my bike that it has no brakes, just after he's picked up speed :P
3.Bang something on the floor or burst a balloon when everyone's watching something 'serious' on TV ;)
4.Minutes before your exam is scheduled to begin tell an already nervous friend that there's been some last minute change and instead of X you now have Y paper (Ouch!)
5.(I did this one and my Mom was just one step short of slapping me!) Hide under the sofa around bed time and make everyone look around for you.

I tag Nu, G, Comfy, T and Reflections!!
Go have fun! :D

Sweet romance

Here's one song that makes my heart melt everytime I hear it.The reason being its simple lyrics, and the unparalleled voice of the great Mohd Rafi.The movie is Tere Ghar ke Saamne. Nutan looks classy and elegant in a simple salwar kameez while Dev Anand is his usual famous self,trying to woo her. Simply superb!

Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukaar
Pyar Ka Raag Suno
Pyar Ka Raag Suno Re

Phool Tum Gulab Ka Kya Jawaab Aapka
Jo Ada Hai Woh Bahaar Hai
Aaj Dilki Bekahi Aa Gayee Zubaan Par
Baat Yeh Hai Tumse Pyaar Hai
Dil Tumhi Ko Diya Re
Pyar Ka Raag Suno Re...

Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukaar...

Chahe Tum Mitana Par Na Tum Girana
Aansoon Ki Tarah Nigah Se
Pyar Ki Oonchai Ishq Ki Gehrai
Poochh Lo Hamaari Aah Se
Aasmaan Chhoo Liya Re
Pyar Ka Raag Suno Re...

Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukaar...

Is Haseen Paar Pe Hum Na Baithen Haar Ke
Saaya Banke Saath Hum Chalen
Aaj Mere Sung Tu Jhoome Dil Ki Aarzoo
Tujhse Meri Aankh Jab Mile
Jaane Kya Kar Diya Re
Pyar Ka Raag Sunoo Re...

Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukaar...

Monday, March 15

The Pain of Perfection

Have you ever come across one of those seemingly perfect people who like to show that they ‘know it all’? You talk about anything under the sun and pat will come the reply, ‘Oh that, ya I’ve seen that long ago’ or ‘Oh you don’t know it, I know it like the back of my hand’ and blah blah blah!!

What makes me wonder is that whether these people are really as smart as they like to pretend or are they are shallow and don’t know a thing of what they say. I mean, it’s not impossible to be well-versed and well-informed, but can one person be a ‘master of all trades’? I doubt that…

I’ve had the misfortune of running into umpteen such people and I insist, talking to or handling such people is tougher than finding water in a desert. These people are surrounded by an impregnable wall of their huge egos and they just won’t take any of your well-meant advice or suggestion. What a pity!

I’m no student of psychology but I do know that every individual has some unique character traits and there can be no argument about their ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’. Can we question why mangoes are sweet and lemons are sour? No! They are meant to be that way, how else would the balance of nature be maintained?

There’s a huge difference between them and humans though. You can choose not eating mangoes if you don’t like sweet and ignore the lemon if you don’t like sour. But people cannot be put away like this! Even if a person is nothing but a pain to you, you have to adjust with him, bear him.

Such characters are found everywhere; he can be your colleague who boasts of some lame undeserved and unrewarding expertise to impress your seniors, your relative who’s not achieved anything on his own but was blessed with some ancestral fortune and thinks he’s seen it all, your friend who took tuitions from you until some time back and now advises you on how naïve you are….the list never ends!

My patience wears out sometimes in such cases and to shield myself from the constant bombardment of their unwelcome ‘knowledge’ I have to limitlessly stretch all my tolerance limits. The irritation after it although, refuses to go easily.

What do you do when faced with a similar situation?

Saturday, March 13

How 'fair' is this?

I don’t want to write a full length post on this one, since we’ve already done that many times. Sadly, the situation as well as the people responsible for it refuse to change, so yet again we have to witness such ‘sorry’ mass mentality.
My sister-in-law gave us a cutie pie bundle of joy this week, my nephew. All of us were indeed mighty excited about this and decided to go meet the new mom and the kiddo over this weekend. Along with us many of her other relatives had also joined in to celebrate the occasion. Amongst them was a sweet but very naughty girl, around 7-8 years old.
The girl slept well beyond 10 o’clock and took milk only after her mother warned her with dire consequences (whatever they were). I was enjoying this whole exercise, even getting bit nostalgic remembering this scene at our home when I was that age. Suddenly, an elderly lady in the family came out and asked her to go take a shower.  As expected, she refused. The lady got very furious and said: 
नहाएगी नहीं तो काली हो जायेगी...फिर तुझसे शादी कौन करेगा...बैठी रहना घर पे!
I was zapped and didn't know how to react. Worse still, the girl's reaction to this was even more baffling. She seemed hurt, but nonetheless went ahead and took a shower. 
I didn't know what to say and to whom, so I just kept quiet. Good thing we're teaching our daughters. The only intention of our lives is to look 'fair' so we can get married easily, that's all.
Just wanted to get this out of my system.

Tuesday, March 9

The Line Tag!

Nu tagged me on this.There are certain rules to be followed which are these:

1. On your blog, provide a link to the Great Bong’s page, May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss.
2. Then write down your top 10 Hindi movie lines or top 10 English movie lines (You can do both if you want. Only one set is required for the contest). If you cannot think of top 10, make it top 5. Cannot think of even 5? Make it top 3. No problem. Only restriction: no two lines from same movie. This is done to make it fair for other movies so that they don’t get swamped by Gunda or Loha or Sholay.
3. Tag your friends to do the same.
4. Come over to the comment-space of this post and post your blog’s link so I can go and read it.

Remember: Before starting the tag, paste points 1 and 4 on your blog so that the rules are available to anyone who wishes to pick the tag up from your blog.

Here are some of our very own Hindi movie lines! :D

(Kindly ignore any minor discrepancies in the dialogues...these are closest to what my memory could recall)

1. Aaj maut ke saath apun ka appintment hai...kya..appintment - Agneepath
Amitabh Bacchan in (his award winning performance and the 'baap' of all 'bhaigiri' films) his intro scene with Vikram Gokhale

2. Jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain wo doosro ke gharon pe patthar pheka nahi karte - Waqt
Raj Kumar to the villain of the film

3. Bahot bhook lagi hai kuch khane ko milega - Hum Tum
Saif Ali Khan to Rani Mukherjee when he lands up at her place past midnight

4.Maine Draupadi ka cheer-haran ka idea drop kar diya hai - Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
Naseeruddin Shah in the famous play which was probably the first ever spoof on Mahabharata

5.Perfection se improve karna thoda mushkil hai - Dil Chahta Hai
Who else, Aamir Khan to Akshaye Khanna

6.Aye Amar isme to goli hi nahi hai - Andaz Apna Apna
(Couldn't ignore this one :))
Salman Khan to Aamir Khan on having a pistol with no bullets in a fight scene

7.Kaun ashfaq miyan keh rahe hain...bade mazakiye ho - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Introduction scene of Kajol and Shahrukh Khan

8.Daag daman pe nahi dil pe liya hai humne  - Kabhi Kabhi
Amitabh Bacchhan to Shashi Kapoor on his past with Rakhi

9. Dost jab fail hota hai to bura lagta hai, par dost jab first aaye to aur bhi bura lagta hai - 3 Idiots
Madhavan and Sharman Joshi after Aamir Khan tops the exams

and finally....

10. Itna sannata kyun hai bhai - Sholay
A. K.Hangal to his 'gaonwale'
(Who could've left this one out!!!)

Nu tagged almost each and everybody, but let me see...I tag...rohini, Reflections, Addy, Brij!
Now go on...Enjoy!!! :)

Sunday, March 7

Essence of a Woman :)

From the time human being came into existence woman has played the pivotal role in any relationship. It was only after Eve came to life that Adam got his first relations within the human species; that of a companion, a struggler and a better half. Since then whether it’s her life or the one’s depending on her, woman has been the one to make ‘relationships happen’.
Whatever role she’s found herself in, woman has never shied away from taking that extra step to ascertain that she meets, or sometimes, even surpasses expectations. Let me present few instances to illustrate my point.

1.A qualified and independent woman who’s never negotiated with anything in her life doesn’t think twice before giving up her flourishing career in favour of her child’s better look-after. This shows her sacrifice.

2.A highly pampered and loved daughter suddenly finds herself in an unknown territory when after marriage her mother-in-law constantly nags about how she can’t cook properly or keeps ridiculing her endlessly. Not the one taught to whine and complain, she bears everything quietly. This shows her resilience.

3.Her life partner didn’t turn out to be the one she’d expected and wanted. She regrets her choice and wishes if only she could go back and undo what she’d done. She’d like to break away but cannot bring herself to do it because she can’t put her kids through the ordeal that’ll follow. This shows her compromise.

4.Her kid sister wants to take up a career option that her parents would never accept. She’s convinced that it’s the best for her and wants elder sis to step in and persuade her parents. After making sure that younger sis knows what she’s doing, she decides to back her. This shows her understanding.

It would be incorrect if I try to portray that a woman has only positive traits, since we all know this cannot be true. Let’s see few negative ones too.

1.Two best friends; one blessed with the most enviable looks while the second couldn’t be more unattractive.  Though the latter would never speak openly about it, the adulation and attention the former enjoys makes her dislike her occasionally. This shows her jealousy.

2.A woman at a senior position at work makes the life of her juniors a living hell because she wants to nip any competition in the bud. This shows her insecurity.

3.Wedding plans are always 'in the making' in the minds of all mothers, whether she has a daughter or a son. But the moment her son gets married and shows a little more thoughtfulness for his wife, sparks are bound to fly. This shows her possessiveness.

A person’s nature and character play a vital role in shaping his life and relationships. The way a woman can perceive and nurture relationships, a man never can.  That is why a mother is called as an ‘avatar’ of God and a wife is called the better-half. In spite of her negative traits, only a woman can create a ‘complete’ family.

History has proved that whenever kingdoms have been formed or destroyed, there has always been a woman behind it. Power and manipulation are two crucial qualities that a woman possesses, whether she realises it or not. Power to change the world and manipulation to make the world a better place. It is only for her to know how these can be optimally and ethically used.

There’s a famous saying in Sanskrit :

“Triya charitram purushasya bhagyam daivo na janati kuto manushyah”
The translation simply being that when even God himself cannot understand the character of a woman, what a mere human can do, it is his destiny.

Being a woman myself I always found this very disrespectful and prejudiced. But when seen and understood beyond its obvious implication one will realize that it does hold true, for every woman in this world. Yes, no one can understand a woman, that’s because a woman believes in keeping her things to herself; sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of respect or sometimes simply because she’s too modest or proud to accept her success or failure.

So let us take this opportunity of "Women's Day" and celebrate being a woman. Let us forget all our vices and petty differences and come together and enjoy this day with a free spirit and realise what a woman means and stands for! :)

Thursday, March 4

Ring that wedding bell!

Few days ago I received a call from A’s cousin, T, who was complaining about some girl his parents have seen for him and how he wants the matter to be put on hold. Following this I had a long discussion with his mother aka my aunt-in-law, but determined as she was, she paid no heed to my defences, all my convincing powers failed and the ‘ladka dikhane ka program’ went ahead as planned.

The girl’s family visited their place and as I hear, looked visibly impressed. After all, who wouldn’t like his daughter to be married to a guy who has a good job, good social standing and a good family background?! They invited our family over to their place to proceed, now with ‘ladki dikhana’.

So now we’re here. Our family’s waiting for an auspicious occasion to go see her. From what I saw in her bio-data, the girl’s good-looking, well-educated and belongs to a good family. ‘Reports’ about the girl have also been favourable. My aunt-in-law has decided that she’ll complete all the minor formalities to ‘book’ the girl before any wrong-doer turns up and messes the whole thing.( You've got to be kidding!!)

T is shaking in his shoes since he feels its all happening a bit too soon. He called me up again to share his nervousness and his inability to compel his parents to take it slow. Here’s how our conversation went:

T :
Bhabhi, Mom and Dad have already decided on what all they’ll give the girl once everything falls in place!
Why don’t you tell them you want more time to think?
I tried, but you know them na..they are saying there’s a right time for everything and there’s no point in waiting now.
Do you not like the girl? Tell them so..
No no..there’s nothing wrong with the girl. I’ve heard only good things about her from everywhere.
Then what’s the problem?
If I get married I’ll loose my freedom. I won’t be able to come home and leave at my own will.
This will happen even if you marry after 5 yrs. You have certain responsibilities after marriage. What’s wrong in that?
May be you’re right. But what about my freedom?

And the same thing continued for another hour.....grrrrr……Gimme a break!
Now, if you ask me I’m kind of confused as to what T exactly wants. If he wants to marry, why not just accept it and marry! Or may be he enjoys us trying to persuade him to do it. May be he enjoys the attention.  Honestly, it gets a boring after I’ve repeated the same things to him over and over again.

But as they say, marriage comes with a baggage, so आलिया भोगासी असावे सादर !!

Monday, March 1

Talent in the making

Having a kid at home unarguably implies that you have to be prepared to face innumerable and endless unimaginable surprises and unforgettable moments. This time round I'm talking about a 'new' thing that my son has learnt. No matter how much I try to hide it, he almost always finds my cellphone and keeps clicking photographs of God knows what! More often than not I find my memory card full of his curious and confusing photo-art. Sharing few of his 'pictures' with you...and yes...when I tried to click some similar ones myself...I miserably failed :P





Interesting and impressive huh??
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