Wednesday, March 31

Seven Random Things

Everyone seems to be bitten by the 'tag' virus! Before you attempt finishing one, another one is ready to pounce upon you. The Analyst and Comfy had tagged me to write seven random things about myself. I'm a very boring person and scratched my head a lot to try and make this an interesting read, but alas! I warn you that you might sleep by the time I'm finished, so read at your own risk! :P

Here goes:

1. I had my first crush when I was in Std V. He was a very cute South-Indian boy in Std VI.I met him when we sat together during our exams. He was very nice to me and was also very good at drawing. Soon after that he left our school and I never got to see him again, but the memory remains :) (and I still have a soft corner for dark South-Indian guys :P)
2. I'm a somniloquist (sleep-talker) and sometimes I'm voluble enough to disturb the person sleeping next to me. My parents, my room-mates and now A; all of them can vouch for this. They’ve been scared out of their wits by me, some or the other time.
3. I have a fetish for hands (in guys!). More often than not you'll find me checking out or admiring a boy's hands more than I'd care to look at his face. It might sound abnormal, but that's me! :P
4. I'm a constant worrier. Call it a manufacturing defect. You'll find me exasperated and deflated trying to fix something or find something which might not be of any real importance. Everything needs to be in place. And the moment something goes out of hand, I get worked up.
5. I seem to have a knack of getting right any recipe that I try and am good at inventing few of my own too. My unseen and unheard of combinations and concoctions turn out fabulously, almost always. And luckily for me, A doesn’t mind being the guinea pig for them. In fact he pushes me to try something new, everytime.
6. Whenever I listen to my favourite song I cannot help but hum or sing along, depending on where I am. I tend to remember the lyrics impeccably even if I haven’t heard the song in years. And yes, I hate it when people mix up or add their own imaginative words to them.
7. I hate putting on make-up. I often find myself marveling at the patience, persistence and will of girls who can spend hours in front of the mirror painting their faces everyday. I don’t mind jazzing it up for some occasion, but on a regular day, kajal and a brown or maroon shaded lipstick is all I need.

Hah! Over and out with it! Seven more people who need to endure this torture after me (this is heartening) :  Nu, Chandrika, Rohini, zephyr, Chatterbox, Mihir, Deven

Enjoy!! :)
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