Monday, March 22

What are we becoming?

A typical morning in any household probably consists of the delicious aroma of 'adrak ki chai' and everyone at home struggling to have the fresh and crisp newspaper first. Same is the case at our place, but I intend to do away the possibility of such a thing completely. I've started dreading reading the headlines these days...and why..

Last week it was this, and this week it is this! The string of disturbing news refuses to cease and I cannot help but silently pray for my son's well-being everyday. He's still small, but it won't be long before he'll be abreast with some or the other 'situation'. How will he take it? What will I be able to do to save him from such 'jungli' people who're let out in our society in the garb of learned men?

The elders in our family always told us, mornings are the best time of the day, when you're mood and mind is fresh and delightful. I need to differ from them now. I want to break my habit of heading for the newspaper every morning, 'se every other day it carries some or the other crime committed against women or children, which makes me shudder and go hug my son in his sleep.

What kind of people are we turning into? It is said that people who commit crimes are always instigated, provoked or are suffering from some kind of illness. When such crimes happen so frequently, and in any part of the world, does it mean that the level of 'sane' people is seriously dwindling? 

I know running away from the situation or shutting myself off from it completely is not going to serve any purpose. But I'm scared, very scared. What kind of world are our kids going to see when they grow up? We take so many pains to teach them proper mannerisms when some b******s out there can't even be called humans!

I'm sorry for such a digressing and accusing post. Guess it's the paranoid Mom inside me who's reacting very strongly.

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