Wednesday, March 24

About A and A

Here’s one incident, please tell me what to make of this ‘se I don’t know how I should react.

Me and both Papa and son A were taking an evening walk yesterday. Since A Junior is an accident-prone prankster my eyes were glued on him, especially after he twisted and turned in exasperation to release his hand from mine. He was dancing merrily on the road and attracting every passer-by’s attention. No need to point out that my heart swelled with pride and I was smiling away to glory :)

Now, while I was busy ogling at my kid two boys, who appeared in their teens, passed by us. A Junior who was looking and smiling at me suddenly stopped and turned to look at those two till they were out of sight. I was startled and asked A to help me fathom just what happened.

A smirked mischievously and told me that those boys had been staring at me and A Junior was returning them just that, only his stare was ‘cold and hard’(Yeah right!).

Now, wasn’t A supposed to react to this? While he was quiet and nonchalant, A Junior became my ‘protective’ son who at least gave them the ‘stare’! When I complained about this to A, he shrugged it off saying, ‘You’re looking pretty, and they just looked at you, not like they misbehaved or anything. Big Deal!’

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