Monday, March 15

The Pain of Perfection

Have you ever come across one of those seemingly perfect people who like to show that they ‘know it all’? You talk about anything under the sun and pat will come the reply, ‘Oh that, ya I’ve seen that long ago’ or ‘Oh you don’t know it, I know it like the back of my hand’ and blah blah blah!!

What makes me wonder is that whether these people are really as smart as they like to pretend or are they are shallow and don’t know a thing of what they say. I mean, it’s not impossible to be well-versed and well-informed, but can one person be a ‘master of all trades’? I doubt that…

I’ve had the misfortune of running into umpteen such people and I insist, talking to or handling such people is tougher than finding water in a desert. These people are surrounded by an impregnable wall of their huge egos and they just won’t take any of your well-meant advice or suggestion. What a pity!

I’m no student of psychology but I do know that every individual has some unique character traits and there can be no argument about their ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’. Can we question why mangoes are sweet and lemons are sour? No! They are meant to be that way, how else would the balance of nature be maintained?

There’s a huge difference between them and humans though. You can choose not eating mangoes if you don’t like sweet and ignore the lemon if you don’t like sour. But people cannot be put away like this! Even if a person is nothing but a pain to you, you have to adjust with him, bear him.

Such characters are found everywhere; he can be your colleague who boasts of some lame undeserved and unrewarding expertise to impress your seniors, your relative who’s not achieved anything on his own but was blessed with some ancestral fortune and thinks he’s seen it all, your friend who took tuitions from you until some time back and now advises you on how naïve you are….the list never ends!

My patience wears out sometimes in such cases and to shield myself from the constant bombardment of their unwelcome ‘knowledge’ I have to limitlessly stretch all my tolerance limits. The irritation after it although, refuses to go easily.

What do you do when faced with a similar situation?
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