Friday, November 6

Star Power/Brand Power

Few days ago there was news doing rounds...Shahrukh installs Tatasky in his office although he endorses its rival company. It was a slip-on as far as Shahrukh is concerned,who at all times makes sure that he leaves no stone unturned to ensure that even with his projected lifestyle he convinces us that he actually uses the brands he promotes.Whether it is his installing Pepsi vending machines at Mannat,giving away Tag Heuer watches in Kaun Banega Crorepati or whether in his recent flick 'Rab Ne Bana Di jodi' we see him showing off his Hyundai Santro.

As people who watch these commercials are we really ready to accept that a particular celebrity endorsing a product makes it any better? Does a celebrity really add brand-value to any product? Are we really that gullible to believe it when these stars tell us that certain product is good for us? Does having a star endorse a product really help in increasing a company's sales and market share?

Let us try and get answers for some of these questions...

Companies that choose these biggies for promotions are no fools. Lot of research and man hours go into taking these decisions.Companies reserve a huge chunk of money for advertisements and endorsements.Who wouldn't like a Sachin Tendulkar or Dhoni to sell for them,but it is possible? Not only is it commercially not viable always but also it might not be the right choice for you.

Every star carries an image.Say,having someone like Mallika Sherawat endorse an agarbatti would be totally inappropriate.In our country people treat their favourite actors like gods.Temples are made out for them,people pray for them.In such case if our favourite actor endorses a certain brand,it does become an emotional matter for us.Our mind might not always accept this but our heart always will go out for him. This is exactly why they are chosen. To cash in on our regard for the actor.Is it wrong? Well...can't say so..

For stars on the other hand, its a win-win situation.They are paid an exorbitant amount of money only to show up in a 2-min advertisement which is shown on television numerous number of times throughout the day. It certainly gives them lot more exposure and publicity than a film might.What we do fail to realise is that,with the star getting all the focus and attention does the brand actually leave an imprint on the viewer's mind?It is very much possible for people to remember the star but completely forget what he was endorsing.

All matters aside,stars however need to realise the responsiblity they take upon themselves when they're doing this.Their credibility is at stake here.They are exposing themselves to public scrutiny for reasons more serious than bad acting.So when Amitabh Bacchhan says 'UP mein jurm kam hai',do we take his word for it? Certainly not!But when we see people like Aamir Khan campaigning for 'Incredible India' to boost tourism it sounds credible.

To wrap up,we do love our icons and we certainly don't mind seeing them for as many times as we want,on television on signboards or even on the cover of our favourite soap.But we do expect them to believe in what they're promoting.

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