Wednesday, November 18

Getting Hitch(ed)

I saw HITCH yesterday, yet another time. There’s something about this movie that I can see it over and over again, and still never get bored. The movie is by no means a masterpiece, and like any other rom-com, it’s very predictable. What sets it apart is the ‘freshness’ element in it.

After seeing him save our earth from those filthy aliens it was strange, but refreshing to see Will Smith play the modern-day cupid. I’m not a big fan of his or anything, but I must admit, the guy’s got style. He manages to look his smartest best even when he’s dressed in simple khaki shorts and an open shirt. Well, coming back to the movie now…:P

Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is a ‘date-doctor’ who’s job is to help unassuming men get the lady of their dreams. He gives them tips on how to woo her and find their way in her heart. His biggest challenge comes when a loser like Albert Brennaman (Kevin James) asks for his services to get the love of his life, a high-flying celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta). Alex on the other hand finds himself smitten with a gossip-columnist Sara Melas (Eva Mendes), who’s hard-to-get.

There are many funny moments in the movie. The parts wherein Alex is trying to teach the goofy Albert on how to dance, how to kiss or even how to behave, or when Alex has a fish allergy and his whole face swells, are good.

It also has its share of dramatic scenes. Sara misunderstands the date-doctor as someone who’s only trying to help men have one-night stands, when a guy dumps her friend and takes his name. This leads to a humiliating situation for both Alex and Albert.

What I like most is the way the dialogues are written. The conversations between Sara and Alex are crisp and intelligent. The scene in the bar when they meet for the first time,or when Alex tracks her to her workplace and sends her a walkie-talkie to fix up a date, are good. Towards the end when Albert tells Alex that he wants to 'feel miserable inside' and which Alex repeats to Sara, is cute.

Although she plays like a guarded fort all the time, he has a new plan for her every time. It’s harder for him to taste his own medicine though! In the last scene Alex faces the camera and says.. 'Basic principles...there are none!'

The movie is worth your while. If you’ve seen it already, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. In case you haven’t, well, go see it! :)
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