Thursday, January 28

Matters of the pounds

It has been my constant companion since childhood. Seasons..friends...pimples..came and went but it never left my side. It stuck to me like a loyal( but dreaded) friend. Even if I tried to shake it off it always managed to find its way back to me, like a bad coin.It has given me sleepless nights and tiresome days. Guess who am I talking about? It is one of the most saddening, despicable and worrisome thing for any girl : Weight!!!! (Ouch :( )

Blame it on anything: post-natal weight, holiday weight, weight due to stress, over-eating..the reasons are plenty..but the outcome is the same.The rightward moving arrow on the weighing machine and the instinctive irritation followed by the imperative, ' This can't be possible!

I've always dreaded seeing those blessed girls who hogged like anything and not an ounce of it showed. I had a couple of friends when I was younger who were like walking-talking bamboo sticks. Where I was fighting with cutting down on calories these girls cried 'se they needed to put on a few kgs! God knows how much I wanted to just.....take out my anger on them :P

I've probably been on diet most of my life (although it doesn't show ;) ). How I've missed eating so many of my favourite dishes! But to no avail. My hard work (read forced exercise) and limited intake have got me nowhere.

So now I've decided. Limitations are good but only to a certain limit. My heart's not under serious pressure right now and I'm not exactly fat as Ugly Betty. I can chill out and live and eat heartily and not worry about what all's gonna happen later. I'd like to believe that my 'cute' factor won't get affected by a few kgs here and there :)

Hai na???

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