Sunday, January 17

Been there..done that??

Heyyy guys...

Its been quite some time since I last posted and trust me I missed being in action :(

I've been spending some considerable time with my family (sometimes just out of no choice :( ) and have to write this.
I need to share something I'd written some time back and which I didn't get a chance to post earlier. Nevertheless its most appropriate that I pour my heart out today :)

I'd experienced few situations wherein the reaction of my mother and mother-in-law was poles apart and I reckoned that this probably happens with everyone.
I'd also seen some friends go through some awfully silly experiences 'se they could never match the expectations of their so-called MILs. Can you identify with this too??

1. Your laborious experiment in the kitchen was a complete flop!
M : Never mind, try again!
MIL : Our neighbour's D-I-L is so good, she'd never do this!

2. You're planning to go for a movie.
M : Make sure you come straight home after the movie.
MIL : I have some work. Make sure dinner/lunch is ready by the time I'm back.

3.You want to attend your nappy friend's wedding.
M : Enjoy!
MIL : Family functions are important. Is it necessary to go?

4. You've been working late everyday and havent been able to clean up the mess at home.
M : Dont stress yourself. Hire some help.
MIL : You're so lazy. I managed everything on my own,alone.

5. You've put on weight and want to join a gym.
M : Make sure the money you spend doesn't go down the drain.
MIL : There's a truckload of work at home. Why do you need a gym?

6. You want a quiet evening alone with your husband.
M : Would leave you alone and support you.
MIL : This privacy thing is so exaggerated. How can you leave us behind?

7. You're 25. No kids yet.
M : There's time, but don't wait too long.
MIL : At your age I had 2 kids. What's the meaning of not being ready?

8. You have an important presentation to prepare and some guests drop in unexpectedly.
M : You're not needed the whole time, get back to work when you can.
MIL : Its not polite to excuse yourself. How can you expect me to slog alone at this age!

I'm sure I'm gonna receive some real strong replies on this.Well...brickbats and flowers...both are welcome :)

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