Sunday, July 25

My Regular 9 Picks

My previous post was on tags and this one is an apt continuation. Some days ago Nu tagged me with this one. In fact she has tagged me quite a few times and now I’m trying desperately to finish them. I’d liked this tag since it was shorter and more interesting than other ones and hence it comes first!
I have to list 9 things that I wear regularly. This can be a bit tough for the mother of a 2-year old, since I’m left with little or no time for myself or my choices, but let me try and get this list ready :)

1.Rings- at any given point of time one would find me wearing at least 3 rings on my fingers. I’m absolutely in love with them and do not choose to part with them at any cost!:)
2.More rings- My brother jokes exaggerates that one day I’ll become a sieve, owing to my fondness to get pierced. I wear three pairs of earrings and a nose ring too!;)
3.Hair accessories- Though I have gorgeous hair that look best when left open, on any regular day my hair are carelessly done up into a bun with the help of a clutcher/hair pin. I hate the constant distraction they cause otherwise.
4.Kajal- I detest any other form of eye make-up but I can’t do without my kajal. I love the sensuous and smoky look it gives to my eyes and wear it everyday.
5.Jeans- From being signature cowboy attire to being an integral part of any girl’s wardrobe Jeans have come a long way. I swear by my untorn and very conservative pair of Jeans (colour no bar) at all times and comfortably slip into them anytime!:)
6.Smile- Wonder if this should’ve been first on the list, but nevertheless. A Jr’s innocent smile has taught me the importance of a smile like I never knew before. So now even when I’m not in the best of my moods I try to wear a smile on my face and scare those frowns away!:) :)
7.Slip-ons- I don’t like being barefoot even at home and love to don my soft and comfortable pair of slip-ons all the time.
8.Face creams/lip balms- I’m very picky when it comes to either of those ‘se my skin is very sensitive. I do not put any make-up but there won’t be a single day when I didn’t pamper myself with these!
9.My heart- People say that I wear my heart on my sleeves, and that I guess can come under the regular ‘wearable’ category! I’m very emotional and feel and cry more than I’ll ever accept.:D

So there!! That was the list of my essential and regular 'wearable' stuff! I'm not tagging anyone here. Whoever likes it can this up and drop a comment on my blog informing me of it!

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