Thursday, June 10

Go strike it!

Pins tagged me with this one. Though it took more time to complete than I’d expected, I enjoyed doing it!

      1.       Graduated high schoolOfcourse!
2.      Kissed someoneI’d be a waste if I didn’t! :D
3.      Smoked a cigarette – Never! And don’t even intend to..
4.      Got so drunk you passed out – Nopes.
5.      Rode every ride at an amusement parkAlways. It’s a must-do!
6.      Collected something stupid – No. Nothing I buy is stupid for me.
7.      Gone to a rock concert – No.
8.      Helped someoneYes. As much as I can, always.
9.      Gone fishing – No. I’m a vegetarian. What’s the point? :P
10.   Watched four movies in one nightCollege life. Hah!
11.    Lied to someoneYes. Haven’t we all?
12.   Snorted cocaine – No. Never!
13.   Smoked weed – Why, no again!
14.   Failed a subject – No. Was close to it, but got saved! (grace marks zindabad!)
15.   Been in a car accidentYes. I wasn’t behind the wheel though, and it was the day I met A for the first time. (No, we didn’t hit him)
16.   Been in a tornado – Thankfully, no.
17.   Watched someone die – No. Hope I won’t too, I’m hyper-sensitive.
18.   Been to a funeralYes, unavoidable.
19.   Burned yourself -  I’ve lost the count of it! Everything from hot pans, tawas and even hot oil have done their job well!
20.  Run a marathon – In school, yes. Would love to be a part of one now.
21.   Cried yourself to sleepYes, many times.
22.  Spent over 10,000 bucks in one dayI’m capable of spending more!! :D ;)
23.  Flown on an aeroplaneYes.
24.  Cheated on someone – I hope not.
25.  Been cheated on – Yes.
26.  Written a 10 page letter – Don’t have that much patience! A long mail qualifies?
27.  Gone skiing – No L
28.  Been sailingYes yes, and I loved it!
29.  Cut yourselfMany times.
30.  Had a best friendWrong question! Best friends are applicable only in present and future tense.
31.   Lost someone you loved - We all have, some or the other way.
32.  Got into trouble for something you didn't doOh yes! Ask Nu, she knows.
33.  Stolen (yes :P) borrowed (yes) a book from a library - I forgot to return it, so that means I stole it right?
34.  Gone to a different countryYes.
35.  Watched the Harry Potter moviesYes, but not all of them. I’m not too much into special effects aided movies.
36.  Had an online diaryYes, safe and secure, far from all prying eyes.
37.   Fired a gun - Yes. At fairs, for bursting balloons :D
38.  Gambled in a casino – No. But I did play a lot of those coin games at clubs.
39.  Been in a school play – Yes. College plays were more enjoyable though.
40. Been fired from a job – No. Kiski majaal hai ki ye gustakhi kare??:P
41.   Taken a lie detector test – No.
42.  Swam with dolphins – I can’t swim, can I try that with safety jackets?? :P
43.  Voted for someone on a reality TV showYes, did that only once for Rahul Vaidya, cute guy, but wasn't foolish enough to repeat it.
44. Written poetry- Yes yes yes.
45.  Read more than 20 books a year – No! I lose interest if it’s overdone.
46. Gone to Europe – No.
47.  Loved someone you shouldn’t have – Confusing question!!
48. Used a colouring book over age 12Yes.
49. Had a surgery – No,Thank God!! I’m too scared of it.
50.  Had stitches – No again!!
51.   Taken a taxiOfcourse, what’s there to ask in this??
52.  Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once – Yes.
53.  Been is a fist fightYa ya, my brother was my favourite assailant and prey!:D
54.  Suffered any form of abuse - No.
55.  Had a pet – No. Dad didn’t like pets. Want to get a goldfish when A Jr grows up a bit.
56.  Petted a wild animal – No!
57.   Had your own credit card & bought something with it – No, I prefer swiping debit cards. Have used A’s credit cards sometimes.
58.  Dyed your hair – Yes.
59.  Got a tattooYes. All sorts, ranging from flowers to Power Puff girls to cars!
60. Had something piercedOh yes. I wear three pairs of earrings (Absolutely love it!) and a nose ring too!
61.   Got straight A’s – We didn’t have grades, but I always managed to get good marks.
62.  Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS – No.
63.  Taken pictures with webcamYes, my Gtalk pic for one :D
64. Lost something expensiveYes.
65.  Gone to sleep with music on – Music I don’t think, but lights yes.

I’m not tagging anyone with this one since Pins tagged a lot of people already. Whoever wants can pick this up! All yours! 

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