Friday, April 16

Got Awarded! YAY!! :)

‘Jab koi kuch dil se chahta hai na, real mein, to use wo zaroor milta hai’

Me quoting a filmy dialogue seems very melodramatic but this is exactly how I’m feeling right now. Ever since I saw this award I was secretly hoping that some kind soul would give it away to me, and the darling that she is, Comfy did just that! Thanks Comfy dear for this yummy looking Cupcake Award…Hugs! :D

Another good part is that I get to tell three things that I love about myself (so people have some heart and be kind to me regarding them :)). Here goes:

1.I love my eyes and I’ve often been complimented on them too. Sensuous, naughty, beautiful are some of the adjectives that have been used for them. My eyelids have a reddish tinge to them which stands out even on my wheatish complexion and give them a permanent ‘made-up’ effect.
2.I love my ability to transform myself into the role of a friend/daughter/sister etc effortlessly depending upon who I’m with and what the person needs or wants me to be at that time.
3.I’m incapable of holding grudges against anyone. If someone has hurt me I’d try and cut off from that person completely, but never let anything fog my judgement or understanding to indulge in anything foolish.

I also need to post a picture I here it is :)

Reason...nothing special....I just love the way this cute little kid is sleeping...not a single worry in the world..dreaming away about God-knows-what! :)

I'm passing on this badge to these 5 wonderful people: G , Titaxy , Addy , Chatterbox , Psych Babbler

My blog is even more special to me because of all of you. Thank you all guys! :)

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